Embracing change: Pivoting to a better you

Don’t be afraid to pivot in life. Pivoting means to completely change the way one does something. It is switching gears to do, try or be something different. And sometimes it is necessary. As I reflect on that, I realize that pivoting has been something I have been doing this past decade and it is something I am doing now – including revamping this website! 

I haven’t written here since Dec. 4, 2021. I hit a wall of uncertainty and lack of clarity. While I had some good intentions on honing in on being debt free, it wasn’t the best way for me to optimize my goals in life. It also stopped bringing me fulfillment. Don’t get me wrong though, my intentions in 2021 were good and instrumental to where I am now and it is a period in my life I am grateful for. Yet my aspirations in life have changed to be more wholesome and continue to be a work in progress.

Abel visits Machu Picchu in Oct. 2022.

Visiting Machu Picchu in Oct. 2022. Traveling has become a top priority!

These past two years allowed me to reflect on what I value most in life. While I am still on the path to paying down debt, I am no longer aggressively doing that. I am now taking my time while prioritizing other goals in life. Some of those goals will be shared soon but it’s the direction where I am also taking this website. I have battled a scarcity mindset for the longest time and practicing an abundant one is what this website will intend to do for me and others. 

Moving forward, I am hoping to share more about my lived and learned experiences and how those experiences allowed me to grow in life. The areas and experiences I aim to share include personal, financial, professional, health/wellness, cultural and more. I realize there aren’t many stories out there that I was able to relate and still aren’t at times. I have also come to realize that people’s identities and experiences affect a growth mindset and learning from others can help with that. So I am challenging myself to be vulnerable and share more about my journey in how I was Abel to grow in life thus far so that others can grow in theirs. 

Pivoting can be scary but it can also be rewarding. Stay tuned for more updates and empowering takeaways you may use. I am hoping you can join me in this next adventure and share how you’ve been able to and will continue to grow in your own life.