Want to reach multigenerational followers on social media? It starts with auditing your business. Here are some of the services I can help with! If interested, a 30 minute discovery call will be scheduled to better understand your business needs. 

Digital Audit

  • Audit all social media accounts
  • Provide findings within two weeks of discovery call 
  • Provide recommendations based on business needs 
  • Provide comprehensive list of resources for tools you may need 
  • 30 minute follow-up once you implement audit recommendations for questions

Content Strategy Plan

  • Digital audit including all of it’s benefits
  • Customized a content strategy plan based on your content pillars 
  • Provide a list of engagement strategies for you to implement 
  • 1 hour follow-up once you implement content strategy for questions 

Graphic Support

  • Instagram graphics specific to your niche 
  • List of evergreen captions that can be tailored to your niche 
  • Something different? Let’s see what we can do


Coming soon!